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Training, playbooks, and coaching to help your small B2B growth team build profitable revenue engines (on smaller budgets)

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Do urgent fires, overwhelm, and confusion slow down your team?

You have a smart team! But none of them learned how to scale a company in school… they likely picked up some bad habits and outdated “rules” along the way… and your market is changing so quickly that it’s hard to catch-up.

Learning how to “do go-to-market” or “do RevOps” has been especially difficult. We wanted to change that.

So we give your team everything they need to get unstuck quickly, to execute confidently, and to scale your revenue predictably.


higher sales productivity with RevOps

Live and on-demand training for six Go-to-Market Disciplines

“Go-to-Market (GTM)” is the unified strategy across marketing, sales, and customer success, detailing how your company will engage, win, and retain clients in a given market. There are six GTM Disciplines, and we give you the most efficient way for your team to master them.

Whether a team member only needs high-level introductory training, or deep hands-on expertise, we have you covered. Receive on-demand videos, templates, and tools, as well as live weekly support and Q&A calls so your entire team has what they need.

Your team will learn to execute 6 GTM Disciplines:

  1. Brand and Positioning
  2. Product and Delivery
  3. Goals and Scorecards
  4. Segmentation and Personas
  5. Revenue Lifecycle and Journeys
  6. Scaling Results


lower GTM expenses with RevOps
(Boston Consulting Group)

Simple playbooks for six core Go-to-Market Motions

“Go-to-Market Motion” is a fancy way of saying “an approach for engaging a market.” There are six GTM Motions that successful B2B growth teams use.

“GTM Play” is a fancy way of saying “a coordinated set of campaigns and touches.”

We give your team simple step-by-step instructions so you can get GTM Plays for each GTM Motion in market quickly and with less budget.

Your GTM Plays will span our six core GTM Motions:

  1. 1-to-many ABM/ABX
  2. 1-to-few ABM/ABX
  3. 1-to-1 ABM/ABX
  4. Partner channels
  5. Product-Led Growth (PLG)
  6. Thought leadership


increased marketing ROI with RevOps
(Boston Consulting Group)

Coaching and fractional RevOps leadership

“Revenue Operations (RevOps)” is a way of executing your go-to-market by using data and technology to:

  1. provide a frictionless end-to-end Customer Experience (CX) for your clients, while…
  2. making it easier and more efficient for your internal team to close, retain, and grow clients.

Your team will receive executive-level leadership from a Fractional Head of RevOps. Each engagement is unique, but this leader can provide the following:

  • Advice to C-Suite and BOD on strategy, planning, and forecasting.
  • Coaching your heads of marketing, sales, and RevOps.
  • Diagnosing your revenue engine and guiding your team to solve your challenges quickly.
  • Answering questions from your team about best practices.

How can your team scale predictably? Introducing your...

...GTM Operating System

We developed these 12 planks as a result of the scar tissue that comes from helping 120+ companies scale their growth – 6 GTM Disciplines and 6 GTM Motions. Together, we will install all 12 in your company.

Start with the 6 GTM Disciplines

These disciplines are necessary for building effective GTM strategies and systems. They are the pieces at the foundation of a scalable company.

Brand & positioning

Develop an emotional connection with your ideal clients. Position your offerings in a way that dominates a niche or creates a brand new category.

Goals and scorecards

Paint a clear picture for your entire team about where you are driving together. Give each team what they need to monitor and optimize performance.

Revenue lifecycle

Leads don’t buy. Neither do Accounts. Buying Teams do! Install a system of managing and winning every unique buying opportunity.

Product & delivery

Solidify product-market fit so that your solution sells itself when put in front of the right people at the right time. Make it easy to recognize value post-sale.


Engaging your total addressable market (TAM) will sink your company. Focus on the relevant verticals, personas, and use cases that are most valuable.

Scaling results

Set up clear structures, processes, and workflows for all of your GTM functions and activities. Make it simple for every team member to be self-sufficient.

Build with the 6 GTM Motions

Once you have the 6 GTM Disciplines in place, you can build these 6 motions. They are the integrated programs, campaigns, and activities that actually turn your targeted accounts into repeat (and growing) clients.

1-to-many ABM/ABX

Replace the spray-and-pray approach of legacy demand generation tactics. Build brand awareness and affinity among the 1k-5k accounts that are your best fits.

1-to-1 ABM/ABX

Create highly-customized experiences that add immense value to your top 10-20 dream accounts.

Product-led growth

Turn free trials and freemium licenses into paying clients, individual accounts into team accounts, and team accounts into enterprise-wide solutions.

1-to-few ABM/ABX

Start engaging the 100-200 highest-likelihood accounts with segmented messaging. Launch a pre-sales High Value Offer (HVO) that generates deep engagement.

Partner channels

Leverage strategic partnerships to find, reach, and engage your ideal clients without sacrificing CX.

Thought leadership

The oldest trick in the book for convincing a buyer that you can help them is… actually helping them. We set you up to do that at scale, simply.

How do we work with your team?

**Special offer for Q4 2022 launch**

Flat-fee GTM transformation

Because we aren’t an agency, we are focused on transformation, not hours. Our GTM transformation process begins with your 12-week Scaling Bootcamp, where we work together to develop your personalized GTM strategy from our GTM Operating System. Then we move into accelerated execution where our executive-level RevOps experts help lead your team in two-week GTM sprints that include deploying integrated plays, updating strategy, and executing RevOps enhancements.


12-week Scaling Bootcamp (for your entire team)

Each week your team will receive live and on-demand training on the 6 GTM Disciplines and the 6 GTM Motions that make up the RevOpsIQ GTM Operating System. Your team will have a private team coaching call with your executive-level RevOps expert each week where you get hands-on support in implementing any of the GTM OS. Your team will also have access to your coach through a private Slack channel just for you, so your team can always get unstuck quickly.

RevOps diagnostic & road map

Your RevOpsIQ will immediately dive into your go-to-market, compare each of your six disciplines and six motions against best practices, diagnose breakdowns, and develop a clear road map for building a revenue engine that generates breakthrough results.

Executive coaching (for your RevOps leader)

Whoever you select to manage your RevOps implementation will receive 1:1 executive coaching directly from our founder, Aaron Owens. This coaching is focused 100% on leading a high-performance team and combines Aaron’s own executive experience with the proven leadership framework he was developed in as a program leader for the largest and most successful professional development organization in the world. This leader and Aaron will meet every other week for 90 minutes and may check-in daily via Slack/email. Each session, your leader will walk away with greater skills, will, and clarity for leading a performance-focused GTM team.


Continue everything from Months 1-3, plus...

Fractional RevOps leadership

Your RevOps team (including SalesOps, MarkOps, and CSOps) gets direct access to an executive-level RevOps leader who can help them solve complex challenges using best practices. This includes Slack and email support, one-on-one calls to work through tough problems, strategic guidance prior to project kick-offs, or whatever else your RevOps team needs to execute confidently.

RevOps Roadmap Management

As we execute the steps of your RevOps road map — starting with the most critical — we will continually evaluate your revenue engine and prioritize investments and enhancements. This ensures that your team is constantly focused on the highest priorities.

Bi-weekly GTM sprint management

We will manage two-week sprints for your GTM teams. This means that every two weeks your GTM leaders (heads of sales, marketing, customer success, and RevOps) will come together to identify priorities for the next two weeks. This may include integrated plays, GTM strategy work, platform enhancements, data work, etc… and all teams walk away with a clear understanding of their role in moving the ball down the field.


$10,000 / mo

$5,000 / mo

**Special pricing for Q4 2022 launch**

One year of special pricing

Preferred pricing applies to subscriptions started before Dec 31, 2022, and lasts for 1 year.

No contract

All of our subscriptions are month-to-month. You shouldn’t be locked into something you don’t love. (FWIW, we’re pretty sure you’ll love us.)

Scale up easily

+20hrs @ $4k

If you need to add RevOps execution work (i.e. building stuff in platforms, creating reports or dashboards, integrating systems, etc) then you can add expert RevOps execution services onto any month at a rate of $4,000 for 20 hours… until you don’t need them anymore.

Let’s not make this hard, eh?

Sweet bonuses and guarantees


GTM Mastermind membership

Every member of your team is invited to join our GTM Mastermind, which meets every month and gives you the opportunity to learn from peers at other companies. Stay on top of what’s working right now, and get live peer support to overcome whatever is holding you back.


Private RevOps Slack community

Every member of your team is invited to join our Slack community of RevOps professionals. They can ask questions, answer others’ questions, learn from RevOpsIQ experts (and our guest experts), share challenges, and find compatriots for the fight for unifying great CX and efficient growth.


200% money back

If during any month you feel like you did not receive the full value of your investment that month, we will credit your account with 2x that month’s investment. You can use this to pay for your subscription or RevOps execution services.


100% clarity

If any of our training is not clearly understood by your team, we will schedule private office hours to review the content in question, answer any questions, and enable your team to move forward with 100% confidence.

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Aaron Ross Owens

RevOpsIQ Founder

Woah… you sure do like to scroll. I’ve saved the most boring part for last (tip: scroll up and book an intake session so we can meet live… WAY more fun).

I’ve been doing this “GTM thing” since before we all knew to call it that. I’ve led sales teams, marketing teams, strategic communication teams, and integrated revenue teams. I’ve also led a division turnaround at a GE subsidiary (with full P&L responsibility), and I’ve advised private equity firms on accelerated growth.

I led one integrated revenue team to the Inc5000… twice (you can read about it on my LinkedIn profile). And I’ve advised other Inc5000 honorees. But I’ve also crashed and burned as a SaaS founder (after getting praised on podcasts as the star founder in my SaaS incubator cohort… yeah, embarassing). I think I learned more from the failure, because now I have the scar tissue to help you avoid some of your own.

If you’re looking for a full-service GTM agency, you should check out Intelligent Demand. I previously lead their RevOps Strategy team and still work every day with their clients. If you want full “done-for-you” GTM/RevOps from me, working through ID is the only way to get it.

I’ve been trained as an master executive coach by Tony Robbins and I was a program leader for the largest professional development company in the world. I’ve coached entrepreneurs, CEOs, and statewide political candidates on how to maximize their personal performance and develop leaders around them.

JUST FOR FUN: After I lost my 2006 race for the Wyoming State Legislature, I was talked into making a fool of myself (err… “competing”) in a fake “man-gent” to raise money for the Red Cross… where I was crowned the 2007 Mr Wyoming by doing “mime karaoke” to Cascada’s “Every Time We Touch.” If nothing else here catches your eye here, then please at least get a quick laugh at the video before you go.

I live in Denver with my partner, where we are trying to survive our blended family of 7 (plus a Doberman).

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