For small sales and marketing teams:

The fastest RevOps services, on a simple monthly subscription

  • Unlimited task requests
  • No long-term contract
  • 2-5x faster execution
  • Pause or cancel when you feel caught up

We've worked with:

The problem

As your sales & marketing team grows, your tech stack falls behind

We see the same growing pains over and over again as sales and marketing teams mature. Can you relate with any of these?
  • Endless backlog: important updates pile up or get pushed down the list by emergencies and short-term band aids.

  • Big ideas get postponed: your team knows what they want to do, but nobody knows where to start or has time to figure it out.

  • You can’t report on data buried in systems: you can’t tell what marketing activities are producing results, what prospects are ready to close, or what revenue you should forecast for next month.

  • Tech duties distract your team: you have to pull team members off of revenue-producing activity to fix your CRM or marketing automation.

  • Campaigns fall flat: you rely on inconsistent spray-and-pray campaigns instead of targeted, customized, and consistent campaigns.

  • Excessive manual work: you are doing lots of manual emailing, tracking, and reporting instead of letting the tools simplify your workflow.

Our solution

Our senior RevOps experts complete your sales and marketing tech tasks quickly

You'll be assigned a dedicated senior RevOps Strategist who knows how the tech should work and can implement best practices quickly. Now you don't have to figure out what to do and how to do it.

We can handle (almost) any RevOps task, including...

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): everything from managing users to creating custom fields/objects/workflows.

  • Marketing Automation Platform (MAP): everything from launching email campaigns to setting up lead scoring and lifecycle stages.

  • Sales Engagement Platform (SEP): everything from launching new sequences to configuring sales coaching.

  • Data Enrichment and Intent: everything from pulling lists to configuring integrations.

…and much more!

How RevOps-as-a-Service works

A simple RevOps subscription for managing your entire tech stack


Start Your Subscription

Choose your plan and schedule your onboarding call, where we get access to your systems.


Add Unlimited Tasks

Enter tasks into a dedicated Kanban board and select our first priority task.


Tasks Quickly Completed

We usually complete each task within a few biz days… then you select the next one.

NO long-term contracts. NO scoping. NO drawn-out discovery. NO bloated decks, strategies, and solutions to justify big budgets.

Just YES to momentum on your sales and marketing tech to-do list.

Submit My First Task

Tasks we complete

We handle (almost) any RevOps tasks, like...

  • Email campaigns

  • Landing pages

  • Web design*

  • Web analytics*

  • Lead scoring

  • Attribution

  • Data hygiene & management

  • Segmentation

  • Lead routing

  • Webinar setup

  • A/B testing

  • List uploads

  • SMS texting*

  • Calendar booking*

  • Zapier integrations*

  • Form management

  • CRM / MAP integrations

  • Data purchase & enrichment

  • Reporting & forecasting

  • User management

  • Automated workflows

  • Custom fields & objects

  • Custom CRM views

  • Opportunity / revenue stage setup

  • Lead-to-contact conversion

  • SDR sequences*

  • Platform selection

  • Platform implementation

  • Integration configuration

  • And more...

* Premium services tend to be more time-intensive and are not included in all subscriptions

Platforms we work in

We don't care which platforms you use... we've used them all

  • …and many, many more!

    Submit My First Task

    Fastest RevOps delivery

    How we deliver 2-5x faster

    Proprietary template library

    We don’t reinvent the wheel! Our private library of examples — based on best practices and optimized with our experience — allows us to start at 80% for most RevOps tasks.

    Minimized discovery

    In most cases, we just need a little information from you to customize our relevant task template to your business. In most cases, this is a 1-page form for you to complete. We save the live meetings for the rare cases that are too complex or require more guidance from us.

    Rapid async communication

    We hate meetings that should be emails! We save meetings for complex multi-layered conversations, and put everything else into messages that can be answered easily without finding 30 minutes on shared calendars.

    Agile RevOps

    With a few exceptions, we can optimize faster by implementing a customized best practice and tweaking over time. Since you don’t have to worry about scopes or billable hours, you can have us make updates as often as you want.

    Minimal overhead

    You manage your own task requests and communicate directly with the expert doing the work. So we don’t need account managers and project managers. We also don’t need to negotiate scopes. And we don’t drop tons of time into building impressive decks to convince you to sign the next scope.

    Muscle memory

    There is something to be said for being experienced senior RevOps leaders. We’ve been around the block and seen it all. So we know how to avoid the common delays and challenges, we understand which shortcuts work in which situations, etc.

    Pricing and Sign Up

    Your first task could be completed in just a few business days

    Subscribe to a plan or book a call to get your questions answered.

    first 2 new clients in April RECEIVE:

    50% off your first month!

    We are so confident that you will absolutely love our take on RevOps-as-a-Service that we will cover half of your first month. But only for the first two new clients each month!

    Use coupon code FIRST50.

    Simple Added Capacity

    Provides additional capacity for an in-house RevOps person who doesn’t need meetings for live guidance and support.


    / month


    for 1st month

    Then $4,470 / month after that

    • UNLIMITED RevOps task requests
    • 1 task executed at a time
    • 2 systems (CRM + MAP)
    • Dedicated senior RevOps strategist
    • Quick set-up and easy credit card payments
    • No scopes, quotes, or billable hours
    • Cancel any time (cannot pause)
    • NO meetings
    • NO premium services

    Live Guidance and Support

    Provides strategic guidance and talks through requests on live meetings to support non-technical teams, with added capacity.


    / month


    for 1st month

    Then $5,970 / month after that

    • Pause or cancel any time
    • UNLIMITED systems
    • 1 meeting scheduled at a time
    • UNLIMITED RevOps task requests
    • 1 task executed at a time
    • Dedicated senior RevOps strategist
    • Quick set-up and easy credit card payments
    • No scopes, quotes, or billable hours
    • NO premium services

    Premium Double Capacity

    Makes our premium services available and doubles the number of tasks we execute and meetings that can scheduled at at time.


    / month


    for 1st month

    Then $9,470 / month after that

    • 2 tasks execuded at a time
    • 2 meetings scheduled at a time
    • Quarterly RevOps assessments
    • Premium services (Wordpress, Zapier, sales engagement, SMS, calendars, etc)
    • Pause or cancel any time
    • UNLIMITED systems
    • UNLIMITED RevOps task requests
    • Dedicated senior RevOps strategist
    • Quick set-up and easy credit card payments
    • No scopes, quotes, or billable hours


    You've got questions, we've got... well, you know:

    What even is RevOps?

    Broadly speaking, Revenue Operations (RevOps) is the connective tissue that binds together your entire go-to-market (GTM) function. That’s a fancy way of saying it’s the technology, processes, data, and analytics that run your sales, marketing, and customer success teams and that inform your GTM strategy.

    But RevOpsIQ focuses on only a few core pieces of the entire RevOps puzzle. So when we use the term “RevOps,” we are specifically talking about the platforms that serve your sales and marketing teams (like your CRM, marketing automation, and sales engagement platform), the data that flows in/out of those platforms, and the analytics that makes sense of that data.

    What does RevOps-as-a-Service mean?

    Our subscriptions don’t have any scopes, quotes, or billable hours to track. You can give us as many RevOps tasks as you want, but each task will be handled one at a time, so prioritization is key (we have double-capacity options that make prioritization easier by executing two concurrent tasks at a time). And we default to implementing best practice solutions which require minimal input from you (but still give you options to customize where important).

    So you get ongoing consistent RevOps support with minimal management at a fixed monthly price… which we call “RevOps-as-a-Service.”

    How many tasks can I add at a time?

    Unlimited. Really! We suggest you add everything you can think of, then choose the most important task for us to execute first. Once we complete that task, you choose the next most important task… and so on until you are caught up.

    What is the maximum number of tasks that can be completed in a month?

    We don’t throttle this, so it depends on several factors: how complex each task is, how quickly you select your next task when the previous task is completed, how clear the task requests are, etc.

    We estimate a few biz days per task, so it’s safer to assume somewhere around 5-9 tasks per month (10-18 for double capacity plans).

    How quickly can we start?

    Pretty quick! Once you select a plan, you’ll schedule an onboarding call with a senior RevOps strategist, where we’ll work together to grant us access to relevant systems. Even before that call, however, you can start adding tasks to your Trello board that we will invite you. All of that can happen within 1-3 business days, pending schedules and system access.

    How long does each Task take to complete?

    This depends on things like complexity, completeness of info provided in the request, and other things; however, in general we estimate that most tasks will take 2-3 business days. Obviously some tasks can be turned around much faster, and some tasks will take longer (but we generally split tasks when we expect them to take longer than a week).

    What if I only have a single request?

    Then this is perfect! After your one task is complete, pause your subscription until your next task pops up (for up to 6 months).

    What if I need to pause or cancel?

    Not a problem (though we’ll miss you).

    When you pause, we finish any current tasks and then “bank” however many whole weeks have been paid, until you are ready to unpause (up to six months, at which point we cancel your subscription).

    When you cancel, we turn off automatic billing, but you are able to keep using our services until the end of your paid cycles.

    Please note that in order to avoid automatic billing when you pause or cancel, we need at least seven days notice before your next billing date. We are not able to process refunds.

    Do you offer refunds or guarantees?

    We DO offer a guarantee! If at ANY point you feel like the service you received in a month was not satisfactory, then we will double your capacity (tasks and meetings) the following TWO months.

    You can cancel at any time and we will simply part as friends.

    We are not able to offer refunds of any kind once work has began, however, due to the complex nature of our work.

    Are there any RevOps tasks you DON'T do?

    Yes. RevOpsIQ is designed for speed, efficiency, and predictability. There are many services under the RevOps umbrella that don’t lend themselves to this design.

    So we don’t include things like custom coding or app development, GTM consulting, project management, complex API integrations, complex implementations, onboarding, training, etc.

    We also don’ provide non-RevOps services like copywriting, graphic design, paid media management, etc.

    Do you provide urgent or emergency services?

    No. We do not provide 24/7 monitoring and one of the reasons we are so efficient for you is that we are not available for urgent calls / issues.

    We recommend clients have an internal FTE who knows enough to help respond to urgent needs: like immediately suspending access for a terminated employee, making last-minute changes to email campaigns, reaching out to vendors’ tech support with urgent issues, etc.

    We are, however, able to provide non-urgent escalation service to investigate recent issues and prevent future ones. It’s as simple as making that your next prioritized task.

    Are there any limitations in capacity, availability, or scheduling?

    Yes. There are some minor limitations in capacity, availability, and scheduling.

    As a small team that seeks to provide dedicated service to our clients, we may turn off new subscriptions when our team is at capacity. Our goal is to serve our current clients excellently while maintaining a high quality of life for our team members.

    Because we value action and momentum, we generally only allow meetings to be scheduled on Tuesdays or Thursdays (with some one-off exceptions here and there). The rest of the week is spent completing tasks for you.

    Finally, for various reasons, we may occasionally black-out up to a week and suspend task work and meetings. In these cases, we will double your concurrent tasks for the rest of that billing month. Which means that you will actually receive MORE completed tasks during that month.

    Why wouldn't I just hire a full time RevOps person?

    Eventually you might! But most B2B small businesses benefit more from a flexible RevOps-as-a-Service subscription until they hit $25M+.

    For starters, the total annual cost for an experienced RevOps manager exceeds $200k in most cases, and easily exceeds $300k to hire senior leaders like those you will work with at RevOpsIQ. Even a relatively junior CRM / MAP admin starts around $125k in many markets (and rarely has broad enough experience to guide your entire stack).

    If that wasn’t enough of a reason, even the most efficient internal experts almost always take 2-4x longer than RevOpsIQ to execute most tasks, becuse they don’t have the ready-made templates, best practices, reusable code libraries, and muscle memory that comes from optimizing tech stacks at over 100 organizations (we aren’t guessing anymore).

    All of which means that you will get more tangible progress in your tech stack with RevOpsIQ over hiring an FTE. For our most complete plan ($9,470/mo), we estimate that you’ll replace about 1.5-2 senior FTEs ($25k+/mo value), and for our lowest plan ($4,470/mo), we estimate that you’ll replace about 1-1.5 junior FTEs ($10k+/mo value).

    Why can RevOpsIQ complete tasks 2-5x faster than internal employees, agencies, or freelancers?

    There are a few reasons we can deliver faster than internal employees, agencies, or freelancers.

    First, this ain’t our first rodeo. Our founder has been at the forefront of the RevOps revolution since 2015 (before we even called it that), and has optimized platforms at over 100 organizations, either as an inside executive or a senior external consultant.

    Second, we don’t reinvent the wheel. Nothing is cookie-cutter, but we have an extensive library of templates, patterns, processes, strategic frameworks, documents, code snippets, and good ol’ muscle memory, allowing us to start at the 80-90% mark for most RevOps tasks.

    Third, we’ve eliminated the 80% fluff and overhead that boggs down most RevOps projects, focusing 100% on execution and momentum. For instance, any information-gathering usually can be done on one 30-minute call, instead of an agency’s 4-6-week discovery process. In fact, we replace almost ALL meetings with simple Trello / Slack / email messages. And because you aren’t paying us bloated retainer fees, we have no incentive to build big expensive strategy decks that just aim to show off… we just focus on the work that you actually want.

    Finally, we embrace an agile mindset and approach that optimizes through iterations — launching faster, testing “in the wild,” and making modest tweaks.

    How does this work for larger projects?

    We execute tasks on your behalf, and each task can usually be completed within a few business days. If you have a larger project that has multiple tasks, then you’ll likely queue up all of the tasks and select each subsequent task when we complete another.

    Most clients that have bigger projects opt for our double capacity plan so that they can have two concurrent tasks.

    How customizable are the solutions you execute for us?

    In short, as customizable as you want. But we caution against too much customization because it often only complicates and delays your final results.

    While we leverage our industry-leading experience to quickly implement best practices, there is ample room to customize all of those best practices to your business. For instance, if we are implementing a lead scoring model in your Pardot, Hubspot, or Marketo, we will recommend a starting place, but you may want to change the relative weighting (scoring) of various lead activities or lead demographics.

    Please remember that customized solutions built from the ground-up — instead of from a best practice template — can sometimes take MUCH longer to deliver and often require more tweaking to get right.

    What if we don't know what should be done to set-up or fix our tech stack?

    Totally normal! Any plan that includes meetings will provide us a chance to advise you on what tasks we think should be done. Also, a plan that includes Quarterly RevOps Assessments will give us a chance to build a comprehensive road map every few months, which can include us adding recommendations to your task backlog… so you can almost just sit back and watch as we consistently improve your tech stack.

    Who will actually be doing the work? Who works for RevOpsIQ?

    Most of your tasks will be completed by your dedicated senior RevOps strategist. For some clients, that’s our founder, Aaron Ross Owens. Aaron has led sales and marketing teams for over 20 years, has served as a revenue growth consultant for private equity firms, and has been considered a senior RevOps consultant since 2015.

    When other experience is a better fit, other hand-selected senior RevOps strategists from Aaron’s network may manage select clients.

    Certain specialty tasks — like web development or niche platforms — may also be completed by experienced specialists under the supervision of your senior RevOps strategist. But you are NEVER charged extra when we bring in these specialists.

    What CRMs do you work in?

    We are confident that we are able to work in just about any commercially sold CRM. But the platforms that we have the most experience on include:, Hubspot CRM, SharpSpring CRM, Pipeline, and Zoho.

    What marketing automation platforms (MAPs) do you work in?

    We are confident that we are able to work in just about any commercially sold MAP. But the platforms that we have the most experience on include: Salesforce Account Engagement (previously Pardot), Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, SharpSpring, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, ClickFunnels, Keap/Kajabi, Mailchimp, and Campaign Monitor.

    What non-CRM sales platforms do you work in? (Sales engagement, sales coaching, data, etc)

    We are confident that we are able to work in just about any commercially sold sales platform. But the platforms that we have the most experience on include: SalesLoft, Outreach, Gong, Rev, Salesforce Engage, Zoominfo, Demandbase, Terminus, and many more.

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